Where are all the small clubs going? Closing show at Sound Check Bar and Grill

Sound Check
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This past Friday was a bittersweet night of music at The Sound Check Bar and Grill; a night the owners had hoped would never come. In 2014, after 9 months of construction, The Sound Check Bar and Grill opened. It has been faithfully supporting local cover bands since then. However, this small club is going the way of so many other small clubs in the north end, they are closing their doors forever.

On August 21st, the venue posted on their Facebook page that the show on Friday September 2nd would be their final event. This announcement came shortly after details of another small club would be closing in November.  Our music scene, and the venues that allow the public to enjoy the artists doing their thing, are constantly changing. The last show at Sound Check was put together quickly by some very talented, and grateful bands.

First up, Outshined, a Soundgarden tribute band. They opened the show with lots of energy, and the crowd was obviously thrilled! Lead vocalist Kevin James Hoffman, did a great rendition of the vocal style of Chris Cornell.

The next band was Washed In Black, a Pearl Jam Tribute band, lead by vocalist Steve McKeever. They were able to continue the vibrant energy of the evening, covering crowd favorites such as Jeremy, Evenflow, and the song that gives them their name, Washed in Black. Bassist, Dan Nunn, was a master on his 12 string Hamer.

Mixing it up a bit, the third act to hit the stage was not a cover band, Klover Jane. This local band consists of 5 musicians that spend their musical energy creating original songs, and 2 of the members also play in local cover bands (Outshined, Washed In Black, Jar of Flies).  Due to an evening packed with energy, and emotion, Klover Jane decided to debut songs from their latest album, Sporatik Insanity. The crowd was pumped, and the songs were extremely well received.

The fourth and final band, was Jar of Flies, a band playing tribute to Alice In Chains. They closed the evening in typical A.I.C fashion, with lots of great music, enthusiasm, and crowd participation. Rane Stone did an amazing job covering the vocals of Lane Staley, and provided amazing energy even after Klover Jane’s high octane set.

Friday was a good night of local musicians performing covers and originals, filled with high intensity performances. It also was a bummer of an evening, due to the loss of another great small club.

Review and photos by Jared Ream

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