Seattle Stop for Rock Hall for Three Tour with Heart, Joan Jett and Cheap Trick

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Last Friday night, August 26, 2016, Heart came home to the Seattle area to perform on their Rock Hall for Three tour with guests, Joan Jett and Cheap Trick.  Some fans showed up earlier for meet and greets with the bands whilst others wanted to secure their spot in line so as to not miss the start of the first set of the night, Cheap Trick.

As the sun started to slowly shift toward setting, Cheap Trick took to the stage and started the show off with “Hello There”.  Robin Zander took to the stage in a lightly colored suit, cut up white t-shirt and a feathered hat.  Rick Nielsen, a black suit, sunglasess and signature baseball cap.  Tom Petersson was the only hold out to dawn blue jeans, a button up top, hat and sunglasses.  One mic stand was completely covered in multiple rows of brightly colored custom guitar picks.  Fans on the main floor who’ve seen the band perform live before knew to gather quickly down in front as it was guitarist Rick Nielsen’s mic stand and he throws picks out to the fans by the handfuls.  This time was no different.  The band performed many of their smash hits and interacted with audience members.  The end of their set was met with some Seattle flair as Mike McCready (guitarist, Pearl Jam) took to the stage to perform the last two songs of Cheap Tricks set, “Surrender” and “Goodnight”.

Joan Jett took to the stage in a shimmering, bright red body suit.  Jett started her set off with one of the crowd favorites “Bad Reputation”.  The crowd quickly jumped to their feet and remained up throughout her set.  Time has not changed this rocker away from her roots of going against the norm or playing great rock n roll. She played many of her hits, but also stopped for a moment and talked about a few heartfelt things, one was Hurricane Sandy.  About the devastation it caused and how it changed where she’d spent so much time, Long Beach.  Jett then went on to continue the rest of her set.  Her set ended with “Everyday People”.

The show of the night no doubt was one of Seattle’s most beloved bands, Heart.  Growing up on Heart I got exposed to some of the most amazing rock music and powerhouse vocals in my childhood years and as a teen and adult I try to never miss a live Heart show I am near.  This band is undeniably in the elite group of most influential rock bands and with the pipes of vocalist and front woman Anne Wilson it will always remain there.

As Heart took to the stage with “Wild Child” even myself, a seasoned professional photographer and writer, had to fight back the urge to go into full fan mode in order to start shooting and keep shooting the show.  As Anne Wilson looked over the edge of the stage during “Magic Man” and made momentary eye contact with a few of us photographers who were singing along while shooting, I do admit that I had to pause momentarily to take it all in.  You simply can’t be in their presence and not do it.   Even my job has the some surreal fan moments when shooting a band you’ve been a lifetime fan of.  With that said, the show was packed with a few great surprises.  Not only did we have the powerhouse Heart performing at their always amazing level, at one point in the show Anne Wilson invited Cheap Trick up on stage to perform with them.  Watching Anne and Robin singing along with each other to “Love Hurts” whilst Nancy and Rick teamed up on guitar and of course Tom on bass with Heart bassist Dan Rothchild was an awesome moment.

When you thought you’d seen the big surprise of the night, oh no, Heart waits until “Crazy On You” to invite Mike McCready (guitarist, Pearl Jam) to come out and jam with them.  So not only did fans get a triple dose of legendary Hall of Fame bands on this lineup, but a double dose of legends on the stage to include Hall of Famers and Seattle legends too!  You never know who’s going to show up at a Heart show in Seattle!  They wrapped the show up with their awesome Led Zeppelin cover of “Stairway to Heaven”.  This was an amazing show!  I have to tell you, as a music lover myself, if you’ve never seen Heart before, you simply must.  If you have, keep seeing them.  It’s never the same performance so you will enjoy every show and you will never get a bad performance from them.

Wild Child (Romeo’s Daughter)
Magic Man
What About Love (Toronto)
Even It Up
These Dreams (Nancy Wilson on lead vocals)
Two (Ne-Yo, Nancy Wilson on lead vocals)
Love Hurts (The Everly Brothers, performed with Cheap Trick)
Kick It Out
Beautiful Broken
Alone (I-Ten)
Crazy On You (with Roger Fisher)

Immigrant Song (Led Zeppelin)
Stairway to Heaven (Led Zeppelin)

Enjoy some show photos below.

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