L.A. Guns Interview at Sweden Rock Festival

L.A. Guns
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L.A. Guns Interview

L.A. Guns just wrapped up their European tour with a show at the Sweden Rock Festival.   I had a chance to sit down with the one and only Steve Riley, drummer of L.A. Guns, to talk about the tour and what’s coming up.  Looks like the United States is next on their schedule so keep an eye out for a show in your area.  Here’s the interview with one of our favorite West Coast bands L.A. Guns.  Take a look after the interview for photos from the show and upcoming tour dates.

L.A. Guns Interview

Yesterdazenews: How are things going here in Sweden? Are you enjoying yourself here?

Steve Riley: Yea we always do and today was amazing here at the festival. We toured through Italy, Finland and the UK and this is the culmination of the tour, this is the end of the tour here.  We are going to head over and do one show with Lita Ford in London before we go back (to the United States).

Yesterdazenews: What do you have planned after you go back?  Are you going to do anything state side?

Steve Riley: We are going to go right out immediately.  We go back for a week then we go from one coast to the other.  It’s really weird and crowded.  Then we are down for three weeks and then head back out on tour for another eight weeks. It’s on and off.  We are doing it like crazy.

Yesterdazenews: Any plans to come up to Seattle or Vancouver, B.C.?  I am not sure if you know, but Tracii Guns was just in Seattle last month performing some of the L.A. Guns material.  There wasn’t a big turn out for the show and people were asking where’s the rest of L.A. Guns.

Steve Riley: We stay true to our sound and don’t drift off.  But yea we’re going to be definitely going up in those areas.  We’re always pushing to tour all over the place, it’s what we are hoping.

Yesterdazenews: Do you have any new music you are working on?

Steve Riley: You know, everybody always has a song written, but right now we just don’t know when we will have time to go into the studio to record.  This year is booked already with touring, so we are going to be playing live.  So if it happens it will be at the beginning of next year when everybody is done with the holidays, we may be able to do something.

Yesterdazenews: I see L.A. Guns is on the line up for Chicago’s Rock N Skull music festival in October. Are you excited about that?

Steve Riley: YES! Yea of course.  Anything like that, we’re digging it.  You know we are up for everything. We’re like send us out, let’s do it, let’s go.

Yesterdazenews: Who are you listening to right now? Anyone new that sparks any interest or just listening to some of the good old stuff?

Steve Riley: You know, I’ve disconnected my self from rock a little and am listening to some jazz.  With the tour and stuff, right now the last thing I’d probably do is put on a rock record right now since we play so much, you’re just kind of looking for something that will disconnect you a little bit.  That’s what I do. A lot of Miles Davis and shit.

Yesterdazenews: That’s awesome because that’s good stuff.

Yesterdazenews: Do you have anything that you want your fans to know?  I know the fans are always wondering what’s up with the band.

Steve Riley: Well you know what, we are going to be touring all year.  Keep looking for us because we are going to be everywhere.  We just finished Europe and are going to be doing a ton of US shows.  That’s going to take us into a bunch of festivals with Bret Michaels and stuff so we are going to keep playing.  We just hope everyone keeps their eyes open and then maybe next year we will have a chance to put something together in the studio.

Yesterdazenews: I watched your performance before coming in to sit down with you and the fans were just having so much fun and it’s great to see that reaction for you after all of these years.  Any feeling about the reactions?

Steve Riley: Yes, we never take it for granted. We have a set of material we play all over the world and are happy with it and are very fortunate to be able to perform for our fans.

Yesterdazenews: Thank you very much for taking time out of your busy schedule here at Sweden Rock Festival.

Steve Riley: Thank you and thanks for your support.

L.A. Guns touring in the USA this summer into fall.  Here are the current known tour dates, but keep an eye on their site for new dates to be added. Upcoming Tour Dates 2016:

  • JUL 15 FRI  Rock The Mountain Festival @ Sherman Theater Summer Stage, Mt. Pocono, PA
  • JUL 16 SAT  Williamsport Bike Night, Williamsport, MD
  • JUL 21 THU  First on First – Dickinson Summer Nights, Dickinson, ND
  • JUL 23 SAT  Oroville Rock Reggae Jam Fest @ Riffles RV Park & Campground, Oroville, CA
  • JUL 29 FRI  Whisky A Go Go, Hollywood, CA
  • JUL 30 SAT  Halfway Jam, Royalton, MN
  • AUG 4 THU  The Vogue, Indianapolis, IN
  • AUG 5 FRI  Honeywell Center, Wabash, IN
  • AUG 6 SAT  Chene Park Amphitheater, Detroit, MI
  • AUG 12 FRI  Werner Park, Papillion, NE
  • AUG 19 FRI  Rockhouse Live, St Pete Beach, FL
  • AUG 20 SAT Club Vixen’s, Davie, FL
  • AUG 26 FRI  House of Rock, Santa Rosa, CA
  • SEP 9 FRI  Allegan County Fair, Bret Michaels/Ratt/Firehouse/Warrant, Allegan, MI
  • OCT 28 FRI  Rock n Skull Festival @ Trees, Joliet, IL
  • OCT 29 SAT  The Token Lounge, Westland, MI
  • NOV 11 FRI  Union Jacks, Annapolis, MD
  • NOV 12 SAT  Union Jacks Rio,  Gaithersburg, MD
  • NOV 19 SAT  MIXX360, Malden, MA
  • DEC 2 FRI  Ford Idaho Center, Nampa, ID
  • DEC 3 SAT Star Theater at Spokane Arena, Spokane, WA
  • DEC 31 SAT TBA, CA


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