Q5 Was Not Missing in Action at Sweden Rock Festival 2014

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I grew up in Seattle in the time when music was really a big thing here. The mid to late 80’s was a great time to be a music fan. Two of my local favorites were Q5 and Queensrÿche. The glory years of rock music in full swing and having these guys in my own back yard was nothing short of amazing! Seattle was truly a cool place to grow up!

We all know the years have passed since those days. So imagine my surprise when I saw Sweden Rock Festival post that Q5 and Queensrÿche were going to be playing live at the 2014 festival. How could this be??? Two of my all time favorite bands at the same festival, in the same year and in Sweden? The stars had aligned and the rock gods were telling me to get my ass to this festival.

Anticipation set in months before the festival was to start. Days passed by as I watched intently each day for a Facebook post that Q5 would be performing a live rehearsal show here in Seattle before rocking out the folks in Sweden. The magical day finally arrived! A live, local and small intimate show to be played at Studio Seven in SODO. Someone, please pinch me!  This was just too good to be true. May 14th arrived and the long-awaited show began.

The guys were a bit older but the music was just like sound of yesterday. The guys played song after song to a small, eager crowd of fans and family. You could tell by watching them that they were ready to take on the crowds at Sweden Rock! Our little numbers would be no match for the big crowds of rock fans that were waiting for their turn to see them perform. Small in numbers as we were, it didn’t matter as they rocked away just as they had done so many times before.

A few short weeks passed by and the day for Q5 to hit the stage at Sweden Rock Festival finally arrived! I had spent a few days prior talking to many fans who were excited to see Q5 live. People at Sweden Rock come from all over the planet too. I had people from quite a few countries chatting with me about how they had been anticipating this live show. From our small corner of the world to all around the globe, Q5’s music has touched many people. I guess you don’t realize that until you go someplace so far away and talk to so many people. The crowd was ready and so was the band!

Q5 hit the Sweden Stage at 2:00pm on Friday, June 5th. The same stage Queensrÿche rocked out on the night before. Two Seattle bands, both on the Sweden Stage, both bringing the ability to rock out! The fans cheered as the band started to play. Q5 didn’t disappoint. They performed for the cheering crowds, both feeding off of each others energy. Fans singing along with many of the hits (Missing in Action, Steel the Light, Teenage Runaway, Pull the Trigger, Ain’t No Way to Treat a Lady, and more) and enjoying a much welcomed show.

Sadly, the show had to end. But as it did the fans sent them off with warm cheers. The guys had a blast, I somehow think if asked they would have gladly jumped back on the stage to rock out some more! Q5 may be done rocking out at SRF 2014, but they have another show coming up November 8, 2014 at the Rock you to Hell Festival in Athens, Greece. So you have another chance to see them live this year if you missed Sweden Rock.



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