Sweden Rock Festival Announces Europe’s First Tour Date of 2013

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Alright fans, it is official!  Europe’s first official tour date of 2013 has been released.  Friday, June 7, 2013 Europe will be the headlining act at the Sweden Rock Festival. Europe will be celebrating 30 years since their first album release and would there be any place more appropriate than the Sweden Rock Festival?  I think not!  

This show is being dangled in front of Europe’s fans to be the one show they should not miss.  Having seen them numerous times now, I am betting this will be a show to remember. Europe’s set list is rumored to span their entire career and they will perform hits from every released album.


Having never been to the Sweden Rock Festival or even Sweden, though it’s been on my bucket list for years now, this is going to be an insane trip!  The Sweden Rock Festival is 4 days full of rock music with thousands of music fans there for one purpose, to rock their brains out to some of the best rock bands around. This years line up is sure to please all fans attending!

I am most excited to see Europe, but am also excited to see all the other bands they have in the line up. The bands in the 2013 lineup come from all over the globe, so it’s not exclusively Swedish or Scandinavian bands.  Check out the batshit crazy list of bands that will be performing for the 2013 festival below:


Tickets for Sweden Rock

So how do you get your tickets for the Sweden Rock Festival?  Easy, just click on the link to be taken to the Sweden Rock Festival website.  They are currently selling 3 and 4 day tickets, but will be releasing a very limited number of 1 day tickets in mid January 2013 for anyone that just wants to go to 1 day of the festival, but like I said it will be very limited so they won’t last long. 

Limited passes are already sold out so if you want to be sure you will be able to get a ticket, get your ticket sooner rather than later.  If you are going to hold out for the 1 day tickets, you are taking your chances.  So commit now and buy or you may miss out all together.  Parking passes are also now on sale, they will set you back 200 or 400 SEK ($32 or $62 USD) depending on how close you want to park to the venue.


There are not many hotels near this venue, just camping.  Most people drive or take a bus then camp, take a bus to the site then back to their hotel or if they are staying much further away they rent a car and drive from their hotel to the festival.  Northeast of the festival site is Karlshamn 20km, southwest of the festival site is Sölvesborg 12km.  

At the time of posting the closest city I could find with hotel accommodations that were not completely sold out for the festival dates was Kristianstad which is 30km west of Sölvesborg.  Camping may be the best option if you can swing it, depending on when you start planning your trip.

Flying to Sweden

Now, for flying to Sweden, there are a few airport options. Here is what the Sweden Rock website recommends, “From Ronneby airport you take the shuttle bus to Karlskrona and there is a changeover for the train “Öresundståget” to Sölvesborg. From Sölvesborg you can take the festivalbus straight to the festival. From Kristianstad airport you take the bus to Kristianstad centralstation. From the central station by train to Sölvesborg and finally the shuttle bus to Norje. From each airport to the festival it’s 45 km to the festival area (one hour).”  

For those of us coming from international locations, the best bet is flying into Copenhagen orGothenburg. Then options are a short flight into Ronney Airport, train or rent a car and drive to the festival. You can also catch one of the festival buses from your hotel area.

The wrap up

I do a lot of travel so I am very comfortable figuring out my travel plans and never worry about finding a place to stay if I don’t have it locked in before my flight date.  I usually just grab a map or my gps and hit the road, but that’s just me.  Many people are not as travel fluent as I am or good with a map or talking with locals.  If you are someone that does not travel often or is uncomfortable just winging it, definitely work with a travel agent to secure your flight, hotel, and ground travel.  That way you won’t have to deal with any unexpected surprises.

If you still need more information you should speak to someone in a local tourist office. You can find a great list on the Sweden Rock website.

So then what’s next you ask?  As always, check Europe’s website for future tour dates, news, new music and merchandise.  As for other live music?  Download Festival June 14-16, 2013 in the UK…. more to come on that in another post.

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